30 Gallon

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The 30 gallon tank was my second aquarium.  The tank and stand were about three years old when I purchased it after seeing an add in a local paper.  It came with thirteen fish, gravel, air pumps/stones, decor, and two filters (neither of which were being used).  I got all of this for $50.00

Water changes were never done and there was no hearter; the only thing that was keeping the fish alive was pure luck.

So far I've switched out the gravel with one that is black and added a few extra rocks.  I'm using a 100w Visa-therm Stealth heater and the two filters that came with it (after getting new filter media). 

Current fish include:

  • one gold gourami
  • two angelfish
  • one black  skirt tetras (more coming soon)

Click on photos for a bigger picture.

How the tank looked after being set up (first day)

Close-up of inside showing gravel and decor

Pictus cat and a gold gourami

Mr. Gobby, the gold gourami