14 Gallon

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14 Gallon

The 14 gallon tank was set up on 12/19/07.  The filter is the one that came with the kit; the heater was upgraded to a Visa-therm Stealth 50w.  Substrate consists of pool filter sand which appeared fairly clean and was not rinsed.  I added one of the filter sponges from the 29g to the filter to seed the new filter with beneficial bacteria.

By 12/23/07 the dust had settled and the water was crystal clear.

On 12/29/07 I added some hornwort,  cabomba, wisteria, and what appears to be melon sword.  The next day I added some rotalia indica and java fern from my 29g.  Lighting consists of 2.5 watts per gallon. (update: new fixture installed on 2/4/08 bringing the wpg up to 5.7) CO2 is a DIY system made from a plastic 2 liter Dr Pepper bottle, plastic air line, sugar, and yeast. 

I will be adding some more drift wood as soon as I can find a smaller piece. 

Current livestock includes:

  • several guppies (male and female)
  • one male betta
  • one female betta
  • three kuhli loaches
  • one bronze cory
  • two otos(Otocinclus arnoldi)
  • a few ghost shrimp(Palaemon)
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Current plants include:

  • hornwort
  • cabomba
  • wisteria
  • melon sword (???)
  • lilly
  • rotala indica
  • java fern
  • Cryptocorne wendtii v. 'Tropica'(bronze wendtii)
  • Cryptocorne wendtii red
  • Echinodorus tenellus (pygmy chain sword)
  • Hydrocotyle leucocephala (Brazilian pennywort)
  • Lileaopsis brasiliensis (micro sword)
  • java fern (‘Tropica’ or ‘Phillipine’)
  • Hemianthus micranthemoides


  • 50w Visa-therm Stealth
  • Azoo Oxygen Plus Bio-filter 3 (when needed)
  • Hagen AquaClear 20
  • Current 20" Dual Satellite 80 watt compact flourescent (which equals out to 5.7 wpg)
  • DIY CO2

This tank will primarily be used for guppies.

Tank as it appeared when first set up

Four days later after the water had cleared

Taken after removing the skeleton but before the plastic plants were taken out.  Some of the real plants were already in place.

Driftwood was added on 12/31/07.  Only one plastic plants remains at this point (waiting for wisteria to fill in more in the back right-hand corner).  I also added more rocks to the middle section and stacked them so the fry would have more places to hide.  I also added several small black rocks in the from left-hand corner next to the rotala indica.


I removed the driftwood from the corner and will replace with smaller pieces.  I also covered most of the sand with gravel.  Pictures will come soon....